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How to Display Related Posts By the Same Author in WordPress

With a blog that has multiple authors, you may want to display posts that are related to the current post but written by the same author.
How to transfer a domain from Wix to Hostgator.

How to transfer a domain from Wix to Hostgator.

There are several reasons to transfer a domain name to another registrar. Perhaps your current registrar doesn’t offer all of the features you,
How to Create a Custom Plugin in WordPress (1)

How to Create a Custom Plugin in WordPress

Creating your plugin is not rocket science. That’s right you can create your very own WordPress plugin from scratch without..
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Learn How to Add CAPTCHA to WordPress Website.

There’s no doubt that WordPress security is important. After all, a breach can result in serious damage to your site. However,
How to migrate from wix to wordpress

How to Migrate from Wix to WordPress

Have a Wix website and are thinking of moving to WordPress because you’ve learned you can have more options with the latter?
How to restore wordpress from backup

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

Do you need to back-up your WordPress site? There are simply so many WordPress-powered websites out there
how to add blog to you wordpress

How to Add a Blog to Your WordPress Site

If you have a Website and you have not integrated a Blog yet, you are missing out on taking advantage of content marketing and taking..
how to find best wordpress theme

How to Find the Best WordPress Theme

There are so many WordPress templates available on the market, so how are you supposed to know if you are choosing the right one?
how to add text to an image in elementor

‌How‌ ‌to‌ ‌add‌ ‌text‌ ‌to‌ ‌an‌ ‌image‌ ‌on‌ ‌ Elementor.‌

Looking to add text over images on your WordPress site? Adding a text caption to featured images lets you add some context to your posts.
create checkout page in wordpress

How to Create a Checkout Page in WordPress

People love to window shop. If you have been checking your “Goal Conversion” statistics on Google Analytics, you might notice that your online..
five compatible plugins for gutenberg

Five Compatible Plugins for Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg is a powerful block editor used in WordPress but there are thousands of plug-ins add-ons and extensions...
how to configure woo commerce check out page

How To Configure Woo-Commerce Checkout page

Check-out pages are one of the most important pages for any online store because it assures whether the customer will make that purchase or not. Woo-Com..
How to Add Your Site to Google Search Console and Why is it Necessary

how to add your site to google search console and why is it necessary

If you are a website owner or business owner trying to optimize your site, then you might have heard about Google...
learndash lessong layout

How to create Lesson Layouts using the learn-dash course and k2 blocks.

Most People want to create e-learning courses, Which are not only easy to understand but also visually appealing. Visual components can help make..
learndash course description

How To Create Your LearnDash Course Description Page With Gutenberg.

The Course Description page is the first page every user will visit to get an idea of what the course is about. This page
how to implement cta using k2 blocks

How to Implement Call to Action using K2-Blocks

The WordPress block editor offers a lot of functionality and design freedom. However, many people still have a lot of questions regarding
how to implement popup using k2 blocks

How to Implement Pop-ups using K2-Blocks

If you’re in search of an effective way to capture more leads and get more converting customers, or you simply want to get more...
how to let user access vendor products

How to let a user access vendor products instead of individualized products?

One of our recent clients wanted to set a user to be able to access their products by the vendor after they subscribe. In this blog, we offer a solution feature..
using k2blocks to make Gutenberg blocks

Using K2 Blocks To Make Gutenberg Blocks

Everyone likes to build their website pages more professionally, this is where you need a Gutenberg editor for the WordPress..
directory plugins with custom fields

Directory Plugins with Custom Fields and Search Functionality

Business directories on your website help both the visitors and the businesses in a way that visitors get the needed information
email lockfree content on your website

Email Lock Free Content on Your WordPress Website

Do you produce high-quality content on your website and want to use it to drive sales? Then you are in the right place as we...