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Most People want to create e-learning courses, Which are not only easy to understand but also visually appealing. Visual components can help make your course more effective. The good news is that using a program like Learn Dash makes creating, and adding online courses quite easy. With WordPress, it’s simple to add media, create various layouts, implement buttons, dynamic text, and so on. But if you’re interested in creating effective and visually appealing course content, then we recommend you to use K2 Blocks by Pookidevs.

The Course Description page is the first page every user will visit to get an idea of what the course is about. This page contains important information about the course. It also acts as a powerful compelling tool to convince your user to purchase and enroll in your course. Creating Visually aesthetic, effective, and useful courses can help convert users into enrolled students.

The WordPress block editor offers a lot of functionality and design freedom. However, many people still have a lot of questions regarding the editor. One of these questions involves how to implement a call to action. To add a block like this, you need to install a Plugin. There are a few good ones out there, and all of them will add different types of available blocks to your editor.

If you’re in search of an effective way to capture more leads and get more converting customers, or you simply want to get more subscribers on your WordPress website, WordPress popup plugins can certainly help you achieve those goals more effectively.

Do you produce high-quality content on your website and want to use it to drive sales? Then you are in the right place as we help you turn it into gated content. 

One of our recent clients wanted to set a user to be able to access their products by the vendor after they subscribe. In this blog, we offer a solution feature to your WordPress website.

K2 Blocks is an essential toolkit for building websites using the Gutenberg editor. You can save your time and efforts with K2 Blocks, and make your websites more beautiful and attractive for your clients to get hooked.

Business directories on your website help both the visitors and the businesses in a way that visitors get the needed information or service providers in a particular niche or category and the businesses get the customers and opportunities.

you can use CAPTCHA. you must be thinking about what is captcha anyway well let me introduce you to it. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA). It is a simple, low-effort way to boost your website’s security.

Have a Wix website and are thinking of moving to WordPress because you’ve learned you can have more options with the latter? Or you’ve Been using Wix for your website but want to move to WordPress?.