Using K2 Blocks To Make Gutenberg Blocks

What is Gutenberg?

Everyone likes to build their website pages more professionally, this is where you need a Gutenberg editor for the WordPress platform. Before Gutenberg, you have to install a theme or page builder plugin to create custom page layouts. It is a page builder that will create content layouts and will completely change the way you create your pages, posts, and everything else on your site.

Gutenberg is a block-based editor in WordPress offering you with plenty of new options for page building. It is also named as a block editor because it uses blocks to add and arrange everything on your posts and pages. With Gutenberg you can easily add custom elements with drag and drop options, thus making your WordPress website creation experience easier than before.

How does Gutenberg make editing easier than before?

You can use Gutenberg in plenty of ways to give your website a nice look. It brings visually-oriented content creation to WordPress. You can add images, page layouts, overlay images with text, create attractive image galleries, embed maps, call to action blocks, add audio files, and a lot more.

You can insert a lot of blocks with it like, column, separators, spacers, banners, tables, lists, menu items, and much more with drag and drop options.

Now, what if you have to use a block at different places on a page. What will you do? Probably you will create it again and again, which is quite a time-wasting activity, but Gutenberg allows you to reuse the created blocks anywhere. You just have to save the created block as a reusable block and then you can simply use it again and again wherever you want on your website.

Gutenberg is not that perfect!

No doubt that Gutenberg makes too many things easy for you as compared to the previous editor, but as we all know everything is not always that perfect, similarly Gutenberg also has some limitations. 

Suppose you are making a website page for an online shopping store and you need to add a more fancy and customizable background image with a ‘Sale Price’ text on it. Now, Gutenberg will make it quite difficult for you to add this kind of image and it will break the template layout. Thus, you will find it difficult to have more editable design options while building your page.

If you are using its classic editor then it will provide you with only fewer options. The other issue that you might face while using it is the complexity in the development of blocks. So if you are trying to make a stunning design for your website then you might find it difficult in Gutenberg because the design options are limited for now. DON’T WORRY! We have just the right thing for you.

K2 Blocks - Blocks for Gutenberg are “The Saviour”

If you happen to be in a situation where Gutenberg just isn’t serving all your creativity needs then, we are again at your service with K2 Blocks! With K2 Blocks you will get introduced to a whole new world of design and creativity options. Let K2 Blocks take the designer in you to a whole new level and a step ahead of Gutenberg.

K2 Blocks is an essential toolkit for building websites using the Gutenberg editor. You can save your time and efforts with K2 Blocks, and make your websites more beautiful and attractive for your clients to get hooked.

It offers premium essential widgets absolutely Free. These easily customizable widgets will increase your website’s functionality and efficiency. But wait! that’s not all you get through these widgets but also a ton of your time will be saved because only with a minimum effort you can customize these widgets according to your needs with ease.

Why do you need K2 Blocks?

Although Gutenberg provides you with a lot of ways to create your website easily, it has some limitations too, this is where you need K2 Blocks to have additional functionalities and personalizable widgets

K2 Blocks expands the functionalities of WordPress Gutenberg editor. You can boost your website’s features and designs with this outstanding plugin. 

For example, you are trying to design an eye-catching yet elegant portfolio, here you can use our Progress Bar to visualize your skills and progress. 

Similarly, you can add creative captivating headings with multiple fonts, styles, colors, and along with that use our Hero Banner to show key important information with some beautiful animations.

The next most important thing in your portfolio is your experience and previous work. Of Course, you don’t have to include all the projects in your portfolio, so what you can do is, you can use the Magic Image block to showcase your project highlights. 

Suppose you want to display some of the beautiful website layouts that you’ve designed, this Magic Image will allow you to add scrollable images that transition automatically on hover and it will help you to show full vertical or horizontal preview.

Now coming towards the work experience section, as it is one of the crucial components of your portfolio because it describes all your past efforts and jobs. In short, this section needs extra care from the design point of view. You need to make this section more visually appealing and don’t waste your time in writing all the precious life experience of yours in just a few words, simply add ‘Counter’ to show your work experience and believe me it’s much easier to understand than understanding some boring written experience section on any portfolio. 

All these things will help you to create a good first impression, as we all know that first impressions have the ability to make or break a business. So, we are here to help you put your best portfolio design forward and make a first killer impression. 

These essential and creative K2 Blocks widgets are easy to use and fun to play with any creative designs you can think of. It will increase your website building process and will make it much simpler and more fun than ever.

K2 Blocks - A complete solution at your fingertips

K2 Blocks maximizes your ability to tailor your websites in ways that you couldn’t do with Gutenberg. It is a complete set of features you need to come up with a stunning website that any other Gutenberg ad-on might not provide. 

The most important thing that you can get by using the widgets by K2 blocks is the responsiveness in the designs. With K2 Blocks you can get a very flexible number of functionalities which makes your website very responsive. It will help your widgets to appear and work seamlessly on any type of device.

Whenever you want your viewers to remain attracted to your highly personalized site then you can do it all through K2 Blocks widgets. These widgets are easily editable, you can use different designs, color palettes, and different animations to customize these widgets.

It offers you a creative pack, where you can access all the creative widgets and use them. This creative pack will make your website stand out, in one toolkit only.

It offers you a creative pack, where you can access all the creative widgets and use them. This creative pack will make your website stand out, in one toolkit only.

Available K2 BLOCKS

Modal Box

Add promotional elements, registration forms, etc., that pop up at the click of a button or after a specified loading time, on your website using our Modal Box.

For example, you have an online food service website and you want your users to download the food App as well as you want to display the information related to the App. So, you can use our modal box to display the information, the user will click the download button and the Modal Box will pop up on your website showing the information that you want to show. 

On clicking the Download Food App button, the following modal box will pop up.


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Highlight your accomplishments and important stats, and visualize figures using our Counter block that offers extensive customization options.

Suppose you want to show some figures on your shopping website, you can use our Counter widget to display all the information like total number of shops, dresses, orders, and customers on the website.

Magic Image

Use our Magic Image block to add scrollable, panoramic images that transition automatically on hover to showcase landscapes and page views.

For example, you have to show some of the best template designs on your portfolio. Now, If you use normal images on your website then it might get difficult for you to display full designs. But with the Magic Image widget, you can easily showcase the full design template of your projects, the image will be scrolled down on hover. 


Set countdowns, event dates, and release dates with our beautiful Timer block to keep your audience more engaged and interested in your website.

If your website is not completely ready and some of the pages are under development then, you can use the Timer widget to inform your users about how much time is left for the pages to get ready for launch.  

Premium section

A premium section allows you to slide a template added on a page like menu, popup, poster or more with these buttery animations.

Now suppose you write a blog about the information related to adding fruits in your daily diet, but you also have limited space on your page so what will you do?  First of all, you will stop worrying about this issue because our Premium Section will allow you to add a read more icon on your page. Users will click on that icon and all the extra information will appear slide on the on side of the page, saving a lot of space for you!

On clicking the orange arrow icon, al the information will be displayed on one side of the page, as shown below;

Info Box

Use our Info Box as an attention-getter for important information, alert messages, engaging news, user-friendly text, and more.

You can easily display the warnings, errors, success messages, and information on your website using our Info Box. 

Progress Bar

Visualize your skills, progress, and statistics with multiple designs and animation options using our Progress Bar.

You can showcase some measurable features of a car on your car store website, as shown below;

Call To Action

Use our Call to Action block to add headings, images, paragraphs, and buttons to boost your users to take action.

If you have a website for an online fruit shop then, you can add our Call To Action widget to allow the users to read more information about different fruits.

Hero Banner

Show key information with beautiful animations, overlays, and interactions making the landing section stunning.

Suppose you have a food restaurant website, and you want to display some of the delicious food dishes on your landing page then, to make the landing page eye-catching, you can add our Hero Banner block.



Create captivating headings with multiple fonts and styles.


Enable your users to engage with your website using beautiful buttons.

Download K2 Blocks plugin right away to make your designing journey easy!

Take your website design to a new level with K2 blocks in just a few easy steps, and don’t worry you don’t have to leave your default WordPress editor for this and no extra efforts are required for this.

Once you install this plugin,

you can access them and use them from the Gutenberg editor under the K2 Blocks category in blocks. Let’s have a look at the following steps:

  • Install K2 Blocks
  • Activate K2 Blocks
  • Access K2 Blocks
  • Use K2 Blocks 

Congratulations! now you have K2 Blocks at your fingertips!

Install K2 Blocks

Installing K2 Blocks is the same as installing any other plugin in the WordPress site.

1. Go to the plugin, Add New plugin option.

2. In the search bar type K2 Blocks and then you are just one step away from having this incredible ad-on on your WordPress site. 

3. Click on the Install Now button and the plugin will install in just a few seconds.

Activate K2 Blocks plugin

After installing, click the Activate button and that’s it! See how simple it was, now the plugin is all yours, create amazing designs with this.  

Access K2 Blocks

Go to your Gutenberg editor and create a new block – you can access all the K2 Blocks blocks under the K2 Blocks option. Click on the plus sign (+)  in your Gutenberg editor and type K2 Blocks in the search bar.

Use K2 Blocks

Now you can easily use these creative widgets by K2 Blocks and create amazing designs with ease you never had before. 

For example, you want to use the Timer widget, just type Timer in the search bar. Click on the respect widget. And voila! Timer widget will now appear on your block, that’s how simple it is to use the widgets by K2 Blocks.

There you go! All your website beautification needs are well served by K2 Blocks with little to mild efforts paid by you aka the WordPress developer!


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